Silvina, Total Austral Integrated Planning Manager

Convinced of the importance of communication and teamwork, Silvina leads a mainstream project for the integral planning of the Affiliate's strategic projects. She demonstrates her commitment to better energy by promoting the dialogue among the different teams of  professionals so as to coordinate and encourage initiatives.

Blazing New Trails

Silvina joined Total Austral to work for a company that gave her the opportunity to specialize in new technologies and developments that had yet to be implemented in Argentina.

Twenty years later, she is still seeking out new challenges. After spending two years in a team specializing in the drilling, completion and operation of shale gas wells in Ohio, United States, she is now bringing her experience to Argentina. "I'm somebody who tackles projects wholeheartedly, taking ownership of them and committing fully", Silvina says.

Excellence Through Cooperation and International Training

Silvina is making her mark in an industry that until recently was dominated by male managers. Throughout her international career, she has had the opportunity to work with professionals from different cultures and fields. "I personally believe that goals are not achieved individually, but rather are the result of putting together teams of people who are able to listen to each other and are always open to change." She admires people who are transparent and consistent in their attitudes and are always ready to pass on their knowledge without competing. Silvina believes that anyone can make the decision to innovate and add a new dimension to their work, regardless of the position they occupy in the company. "Anyone can determine their own challenge; it really does depend on the person", she says.

Planning for the Future, Enjoying the Present

Silvina strikes a balance between her personal life and her demanding work, spending quality time with her husband and three children. "What counts is the quality of the time you spend with your family, not the actual number of hours".  She loves continually seeking new challenges and looks ahead to the future without forgetting to enjoy the present.


"I'm somebody who tackles projects wholeheartedly".

Short Resume

  • Education

    Graduate in chemical engineering from Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia, Master's degree in Oil and Gas Field Development, specializing in reservoirs, from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires.

  • Career

    Various fields at Total Austral: production, processes, engineering, strategy and development, and unconventional resources.

  • Work Experience

    Two years working in the United States specializing in the development of unconventional resources (shale gas).

  • Total Austral

    Total Austral. Returned to Total Austral to share its experience in Argentina.

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