Funcei - Total Austral: A Commitment to Public Health

Health Breakthroughs

Total Austral, in conjunction with the Foundation Center for Infectious Disease Studies (FUNCEI, for its Spanish acronym) chaired by Dr. Daniel Stamboulian, has been supporting initiatives aimed at public health improvement for several years.

Hospital-acquired infection monitoring in Tierra del Fuego

Total Austral and FUNCEI signed a cooperation agreement to implement a program to improve hospital-acquired disease management, surveillance and control, as well as to enhance laboratory, sterilization and cleaning services at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in Tierra del Fuego by providing assistance to create an Infection Control Committee and conveying knowledge to local healthcare professionals. 

Institutional stakeholders involved in the program are Rio Grande Regional Hospital, the Tierra del Fuego Department of Health and Rio Grande Municipality. This program was declared to be of provincial interest by the Tierra del Fuego Department of Health. 

Direct beneficiaries of the program amount to 900 people (Hospital healthcare professionals and Tierra del Fuego physicians attending the seminars open to the community that form part of the program), whereas indirect beneficiaries are over 70,000 people (Rio Grande and Tolhuin population that is treated in Rio Grande Regional Hospital, which is the nearest highly specialized health care facility)

Main results

  1. Strengthening of the operation of the Hospital Infection Control Committee.
  2. Reinforcement of the professional team of the Committee with the recruitment of a pediatric infectious disease specialist and an infection control nurse.
  3. Definition and implementation of indicators to ensure proper epidemiological surveillance of hospital-acquired infections. 
  4. Remarkable reduction of infections after cesarean section. 
  5. Optimization of the rational use of antibiotics in hospitalized patients.

By optimizing hospital care, the quality of life of the whole community is improved and the length of hospital stay is reduced, thus preventing complications that would lead to longer hospital stays and higher mortality, morbidity and health care costs. 

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Program to monitor hospital-acquired infections in Río Grande Regional Hospital, Tierra del Fuego.