Iapg - Total Austral: An "Unconventional" Approach

Sharing Information

The Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas (IAPG) is a leading source of technical information in the energy industry in general, and the oil and gas industry in particular. Total Austral formed a strategic alliance with IAPG to make key technical information concerning the exploration and production of unconventional resources more readily available to the wider community.

In Action

More than 130 stakeholders — such as opinion leaders, journalists, academics, local authorities and NGOs — were identified, contacted, informed and/or educated.

The materials distributed included The ABC's of Oil and Gas in Unconventional Reservoirs, a short publication on shale gas, shale oil and tight gas. It is designed to offer sound, authoritative information in response to the main questions about unconventional resources, while debunking misconceptions. The www.shaleenargentina.org.ar website was also created, which features a Shale Expert who answers questions about the industry. The strategy also includes other documents, interviews and educational videos.

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Development of unconventional reserves in Cuenca Neuquina.