Total actively contributes to development of the Argentine energy sector through a strategic  project committed to providing a better, safe and long term energy for all the country,

Present Across the Energy Value Chain

Since Total began operating in Argentina, we have played a leading role not only in oil and gas exploration and production, but also in gas transmission, petroleum product retailing and specialty chemicals. We work hard in the areas of public health, education and local economic development to build value in our host communities.

Almost 40 Years of Presence and Experience

Total began operating in Argentina in 1978, when we entered into a contract for offshore exploration in the Tierra del Fuego region. In 1981, we discovered the offshore Ara field, 9 kilometers from the coast. Five years later, Total Austral had drilled more than 45 exploratory wells and located new reserves. In 1989, following a complex development process, we brought Hidra on stream, Argentina's first offshore oil field and the most southerly in the world. This was followed by the Kaus, Argo, Carina, Aries and Vega Pléyade offshore fields. In 1994, Total Austral expanded its operations with San Roque and Aguada Pichana in the province of Neuquén, where the development of unconventional reserves began. We are currently pursuing an intensive exploration and production program as part of a strategic, long-term commitment to bringing sustainable energy to the country. After almost 40 years in business, Total Austral has cemented its operations and is breaking records for oil and gas production. It now accounts for 27% of national gas production.

Our Operations Span the Entire Oil and Gas Value Chain

Total Austral focuses on oil and gas exploration and production. Total Gas Marketing Cono Sur sells gas to residential and industrial customers, power generators and the transportation sector. Total Especialidades Argentina is a key player in both the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market and in the lubricants and crop protection sector, where it operates under the Total and Elf brands. In specialty chemicals, Hutchinson Argentina is the market leader for rubber and elastomer automotive parts.

Active Engagement with Local Communities

We aspire to harmoniously combine the implementation and growth of our operations with a strong commitment to our host communities, in particular by maintaining constant, seamless dialogue. We implement a range of sustainable initiatives in the areas of public health, education, the environment and local economic development, both directly or through recognized institutions to ensure transparency and the best use of available resources. Similarly, with the backing of Total, many employees volunteer their time to support educational and social projects in areas near their places of work.


Key Figures

  • 1978
    Start-up of operations in Argentina
  • 27%
    of the country's total gas production
  • 30%
    of the cars use TOTAL or ELF for the first fill
  • 49
    Argentines holding senior positions worldwide

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