Since Total started its operations in Argentina, it has become a major player, not only in oil and gas exploration and production, but also in gas transmission and petroleum product distribution.

In Argentina, Total Austral operates in oil and gas exploration. Total Gas Marketing Cono Sur assures gas marketing, supplying gas to residential and industrial markets, power generators, and the transportation sector. And Total Especialidades Argentina is a key player in both the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market and the lubricant and phytosanitary sector, where it operates under the brands Total and ELF.

Actively engaged with local communities

At the same time, Total works hard on the areas of public health, education and local economic development to create value within host communities. An example of this community commitment is the cooperation agreement made with the Foundation Center for Infectious Disease Studies (FUNCEI), whereby we implemented a program to improve hospital-acquired disease management, surveillance and control, as well as to enhance laboratory, sterilization and cleaning services at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in Tierra del Fuego.

Present across the entire energy value chain

On a day-to-day basis, Total affirms its commitment to provide better energy to the whole of Argentina. Being present across the entire energy value chain, from searching for new resources to selling products and services to consumers, has enabled us to adapt to new market trends and proactively meet our customers’ expectations through a diversified energy mix that provides us great added value and a unique position in the market.

Key Figures

  • 1978
    Start-up of operations in Argentina
  • 27%
    of the country's total gas production
  • 30%
    of the cars use TOTAL or ELF for the first fill
  • 49
    Argentines holding senior positions worldwide

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