Universidad Nacional del Comahue - Total Austral: A Commitment to the Environment

A Combined Commitment

An innovative approach to ecological restoration is being effectively deployed thanks to the joint contribution of stakeholders from 1) the academic world, represented by a multidisciplinary team from the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, which is transferring the knowledge needed to take the project forward and conduct research in this area; 2) the local community, which is gaining employment opportunities in places requiring greater economic diversity; and 3) Total Austral, which has a stake in both environmental protection and capacity building for local businesses.

The Project

One result of the ecological restoration project run jointly by the three participants was the development of a nursery for plants native to Añelo and San Roque in the Neuquén region of Argentina. Many of these plants are periodically used for ecological restoration projects. The project also includes an ongoing series of presentations to conferences and the publication of related papers by the Universidad Nacional del Comahue.

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The Añelo nursery produced more than 22,000 plants of 15 different species. Many of them were used for ecological restoration projects.