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Andrés, Strategy, Development and Planning Engineer

Andrés is passionate about innovation and new challenges. At present he applies these attributes to the Tierra del Fuego Asset Management, where he commits to a better energy together with Total.

Growing in commitment

Numbers and energy caught his attention since he was a child. Years later, by late 2011, still curious about everything, he graduated as an Oil Engineer from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA). It was then that he joined Total.

His professional career at Total is marked by a constant search for efficiency, a analytical thought and proposals of innovating alternatives, key attributes to contribute to the development of a better energy in our country. 

His every day routine

To work as a Strategy, Development and Planning Engineer for the Marina Basin is no easy task. Andrés defines the Tierra del Fuego asset objectives by analyzing different development scenarios to thus define the optimum development strategy in these fields.
In addition, he assists with the preparation of the long term annual work plan for Tierra del Fuego, which includes a projection of the production profiles of the current and future wells in the Basin as well as a cost estimate until the expiration of the term of the fields’ concession. He also conducts simple economic assessments to determine the feasibility of presented projects. 

Building tomorrow’s energy

His position requires that he interact with different company sectors in an integrated way. In this context, his proactive attitude allows him to challenge traditional methodologies and contribute innovating solutions to his daily work. 
According to Andrés, team work allows exchanging experiences, generating synergies and supplementing the tasks of the persons involved through innovation and creative thinking. “We thus achieve better results and solve daily problems, and can overcome obstacles; we transform challenges into new learning opportunities.” 

Cross functionality and boldness, key values for Total, are present in his daily routine. 

Prior experience

Andrés joined Total as Onshore Drilling Engineer in 2011. Two years later, he became a night shift Drilling Supervisor at the Qatar affiliate. In 2015, he returned to Total Austral as an Offshore Drilling Engineer and remained in such position until 2016.

His prior experience in the Drilling sector allowed him to interact with geologists, geophysicists and reservoir specialists in order to define geological objectives, based on which the wells for extraction of natural resources will be designed. 

As a Drilling Engineer, I conducted engineering surveys and created operating programs to drill gas wells in the Argentine Austral Basin, focusing on operating performance and on the safety of persons, facilities and environment”, Andrés explains.

A passion for challenge

Hydrocarbon exploration and production are in constant growth: there are still many riches to discover and Andrés knows it but he transmits his enthusiasm on challenging established principles and proposing new alternatives and ideas. “The best thing about working in Development and Planning is to be one of the links that facilitate access to hydrocarbons, which will then become energy,” he says proudly. 

A restless entrepreneur, Andrés is an airplane pilot and loves travelling, swimming and also music, a perfect combination for a professional open to new challenges. 

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"The most passionate thing is to become one of the first links which facilitates the access to hydrocarbons, which will then transform into energy"




He graduated as an Oil Engineer from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) in 2011, with post graduate studies in Drilling and Completion Engineering at IFP School in France during 2013, obtaining the best GPA in his class.


Work Experience

He joined Total Austral as an Onshore Drilling Engineer in December 2011. Two years later, he became a night shift Drilling Supervisor at the Qatar affiliate. In 2015, he worked as an Offshore Drilling Engineer at Total Austral. In July 2016, he joined the Business Development Management as Development and Planning Engineer at Total Austral.



Since September 2019, he works as Strategy, Development and Planning Engineer for the Tierra del Fuego Asset Management at Total Austral.