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Diego, Director of Clinical Research at FUNCEI


Diego works each day with clear and challenging objectives: in addition to being the Director of Clinical Research at FUNCEI (Fundación Centro de Estudios Infectológicos [Infectious Disease Research Center Foundation], chaired by MD Stamboulian), he coordinates a work team which develops and implements health programs. In this regard and together with Total, Diego leads an initiative intended to improve the health care quality at Hospital Regional de Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

Paving the Way for the Future

Diego is part of an institution oriented to generate infectious disease preventive and self-care awareness. With Total Austral’s support, he leads the “Hospital-Acquired Infections Surveillance” Program at Hospital Regional in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego. “The results achieved transcend my role and that of the Foundation, they go beyond the program and translate into training, knowledge and commitment”, in Diego’s words.

Total intends to harmonically combine the development of its activities with the routine of the communities where they are carried out, through several social responsibility actions. For such reason, since 2013, work is being done jointly with FUNCEI in connection with this program, which has been declared of provincial interest by the Ministry of Health of Tierra del Fuego.

These joint efforts by Total and FUNCEI allowed for an improved hospital service quality. In 2014, a hospital-acquired bacteremia outbreak in the Pediatrics area was stopped and a change was promoted in antibiotic prescription habits by hospital professionals, betting on an optimized antibiotics use. “The express commitment and devotion of the institution’s professionals are the basis to achieve satisfactory results”, according to Diego.

Leading with Passion

FUNCEI coordinates several work groups which develop strategies oriented to prevention, research, diagnostics and handling of infectious diseases. Leading multi-discipline work teams implies a challenging task. In this context, Diego defines himself as a person who enjoys team work and the results from shared efforts. As a leader, he is perseverant and passionate and he transmits these virtues to those who work with him on a daily basis.

New Challenges, New Commitments

Working to improve community health and welfare encourages Diego to move forward. Looking ahead, he does not hesitate to picture himself engaging in new projects with his work team. “Each time I develop and materialize a program, I look for new initiatives. I always need new challenges to feel good”, he concludes with a smile on his face.


“The express commitment and devotion of the institution’s professionals are the basis to achieve satisfactory results", Diego




Physician (University of Buenos Aires), with a Master in Clinical Research Sciences (Universidad Maimónides).


Work Experience

Member of FUNCEI since 1999. Director of Clinical Research since 2005.


Academic Experience

Diego is a professor in Specialization in Mining Geology at the School of Exact and Natural Sciences and President of the Ethical Committee in Clinical Research “Dr. Carlos Barclay”.