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Cookies and Privacy

Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy

Welcome to (hereinafter the “Website”). By connecting to our Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted without limitation or reservation the Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter “the Policy”) and our General Terms and Conditions of Use. If you visit other Total websites, you will be subject to other terms and conditions and other personal data protection policies. We suggest that you read the applicable legal notices carefully.

This Policy is intended to inform you about your rights in connection with the use of your personal data. It also describes the measures we have implemented to protect said personal data.

Total Austral S.A. (hereinafter “the Party Responsible for registration”) shall process your personal data in full compliance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 25.326 and supplementing and companion provisions.

1. Purpose of Data Processing and Type of Collected Data

If you visit our Website we may request certain personal data such as your first and last name, so as to be eligible for the services we provide.

In particular, we may collect some of your personal data with the aim of communicating, in response to your information requirements and for a better understanding of your expectations. In our online forms, the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. If you do not answer the mandatory questions, we will not be able to provide you the service/s requested.

Your personal data will not be later processed in a way other than for the above or as data collection forms. Said data will be stored only for the time required for said purpose.

2. Data Recipients

Your personal data may only be disclosed to specific departments in charge of data processing of the directly or indirectly owned subsidiaries, partners, independent distributors or subcontractors, for survey and analysis purposes.

Besides, if you send a comment with the intention that it be posted online, we may publish your personal data on the Website. Considering the nature of Internet, e.g. free capture of data sent and the difficulty, or even impossibility, of supervising third party monitoring, you may request that said data not be distributed by contacting us, as provided below in Section 5 of this Policy. The Party Responsible for registration shall not be liable for any consequences or damages arising from access or use of said information.  

Your personal data may be communicated to subsidiaries, partners, independent distributors or subcontractors located in countries with less stringent data protection levels than in Argentina. In this case, the Company shall take such protection action as is required under the laws in force.

3. Data Safety and Confidentiality

The Party Responsible for registration takes all technical and organization steps in connection with data custody, storage, preservation and confidentiality to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorized processing or access of said data. Because data transmission on the internet is not totally secure, the Company is unable to completely guarantee the security of your personal information while it is in transmission. Therefore, you declare that you know and accept said risk.

4. Cookie Management

4.1 Principles

We inform you that certain “cookies” could be stored in your computer when you visit the Website, which are necessary to use the services and contents of the Website. "Cookies" are small text files sent through the Internet to your browser which are saved in your computer (e.g. sites you visit, date and time of visit, hyperlinks you clicked on). Cookies help users connect, navigate and use the Website in future visits. You may delete the “cookies” saved in your computer at any time and set up your browser so that no new cookies are saved. Please refer to your browser help or refer to Section 4.2. “Types of cookies, statistics and configuration cookies” to enable or disable these functions. Note that by disabling or not allowing a cookie you may not be eligible for the services and contents provided through the Website or guarantee proper operation of the Website.

4.2. Types of cookies, statistics and configuration cookies

Cookies saved in your computer when you navigate the Website are intended to allow and facilitate electronic communication, access required services (language cookies, ID cookies, etc.), for statistic or other purposes as per the conditions described below.
When cookies require your prior consent for saving, such consent shall be requested through the hyperlink contained in the message "More information" appearing in the first page of the Website. On continuing to navigate the Website, you are expressly consenting to these cookies being saved.

4.2.1 Saved cookies

  • Cookies of the Party Responsible for registration
Cookie Description How is it rejected? Persistence
Site (has_js) Contains information on the session and allows visitor access to the site Refer to section 4.2.2 Deleted when the browser is closed
Site (cookie_agreed) Remembers that user has agreed to use of cookies Refer to section 4.2.2 13 months


  • Third Party Cookies
Cookie editor Description How is it rejected? Persistence
Score Card Research Beacon Allows “Share this” to see the number of site visitors. or refer to section 4.2.2 2 years
ShareThis Allows sharing in different social media platforms
 click on “Opt Out” for advertising or refer to section 4.2.2
__unam (9 months)
__stdlxmap (7 days)
__stgmap    (7 days)
__stid (24hours)
__uset (24hours)
  STPC (24hours)
METRIXLAB Allows and registers the opening of the site survey form Please send an email to or refer to section 4.2.2 7 months
FASTFONT Improves site content viewing Refer to section 4.2.2 __unam (9 months)
__stdlxmap (7 days)
__stgmap (7 days)
__stid (24hours)
__uset (24hours)
  STPC (24hours)
TWITTER Registers user ID to share in Twitter In your profile, select “Security Setup” and unmark the option “advertised content” or refer to section 4.2.2 18 months
FACEBOOK Registers user ID to share in Facebook move to "Choice" and click on the last hyperlink called "click here" appearing in the paragraph, complete your information or refer to section 4.2.2 2 years
  • Statistics Cookies
Cookie Editor Description How is it rejected? Persistence



Allows viewing the number of visitors and frequency of site visits or refer to section 4.2.2 7 months

Statistics cookies do not collect or store user personal data (for example, name or address), so that such information may not be used to identify persons individually. The Party Responsible for registration receives the statistically processed information through AT Internet and Google Analytics services.

This information is not transferred to third parties or used otherwise. You may block these cookies at any time by using the procedure set forth in section 4.2.2.

4.2.2. How can I revoke the consent for use of Cookies? How can I disable Cookies?

You may revoke the consent for use of cookies at any time by disabling or deleting them, through the browser’s privacy/security options.

For more information refer to browser help for cookie management:

5. User Rights

You have the right to access your personal information free of charge every six (6) months, unless you prove that you have a legitimate interest to do so, as provided by in Section 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25.326 (Provision 10/2008, section 1, Official Gazette 09/18/2008) and to request that said information be updated, modified or deleted from your personal data, through a carta documento [a letter issued in 3 copies, 1 for the addressee, one for the sender, and one is kept with the Post Office] and/or by means of a written request sent to the aforementioned email, by providing proof of your identity to that effect.

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Departament/Service: Departamento de Seguridad Informática y Gestión de Información | e-mail:

The Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales [National Agency of Personal Data Protection] is the enforcement agency of Personal Data Protection Law No. 25.326, where claims in connection with the violation of personal data protection regulations may be filed.