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16/05/2019 News

Expansion of the Cañadón Alfa Plant in the Marina Austral 1 Basin

Total Austral (37.5%), operator of Consortium CMA-1, together with its partners Wintershall DEA (37.5%) and Pan American Energy (25%) announce the commissioning of the expansion project of plant Cañadón Alfa, an onshore plant located north of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, for treatment of production from the 7 offshore and onshore fields operated by Total Austral.   

In addition to contributing to optimizing the potential of mature fields, which are in the natural process of decline, such commissioning within the planned terms will result in a greater availability of gas in winter and thus in reduced imports during the period of peak gas demand in Argentina.

To this end, new infrastructure was designed and built at the already existing Cañadón Alfa Plant and new units were installed to expand the compression capacity on shifting its production from medium to low pressure. These units are capable of compressing a volume equal to 20% of the daily gas consumption of the country.

The project was developed under a simultaneous operation (SIMOPS) scheme, i.e., carrying out construction activities without affecting the normal operation or production levels at the plant and dealing with extreme weather conditions. 

In addition, a new 27 km long gas pipeline had to be laid between Río Cullen and Cañadón Alfa plants, as well as a 2 km long gas export line, to conduct the flow in marketable conditions to General San Martín transportation gas pipeline.   

In all, close to 600 persons were hired for this project which took 21 months (almost 2million working hours) and meant an investment of US$200 million.

Thanks to the high professionalism of all involved players and their ongoing commitment to safety and environment, the project was completed incident-free recorded, within schedule and respecting the highest safety and quality standards.

Total Austral, as operator of the Consortium CMA-1, takes great pride in having completed such a project, which demanded a great capacity to manage several technical, logistic and weather risks. We would like to thank all Total Austral teams, our partners and contractor companies which contributed to the successful expansion of Cañadón Alfa Plant as well as the construction of the 27 km long gas pipeline. This project evidences the strong commitment of this Consortium to the country’s economic development and to sustainable supply of gas demand in Argentina” said Dominique Marion, Chief Officer of Total Austral.

Total Austral in Tierra del Fuego

Total began operating in Argentina in 1978, through offshore exploration activities in Tierra del Fuego. At present, Consortium CMA-1 has the following onshore and offshore fields in operation: Hidra, Kaus, Ara-Cañadón Alfa, Argo, Carina and Aries and Vega Pleyade. The production of these fields is treated at the Río Cullen and Cañadón Alfa plants located onshore north of the Province of Tierra del Fuego. These fields together supply over 20 million m3 of gas daily to the Argentine market. At present, Total continues developing an intense exploration and production activity, investing in a strategic long term project to provide long-lasting energy to the country.


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