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24/09/2020 News

Fight against Greenhouse Gases: Inauguration at the Total PERL

On September 16, 2020, it’s with a great deal of pride that the teams of the PERL (Platform for Experimental Research in Lacq) welcomed a delegation of experts from the Total group and other partner companies, in strict compliance with current health rules. They were able to present their new pilot platform specifically aimed at conducting research on capture, utilization and storage solutions for carbon dioxide and other gaseous effluents. 

Solutions that can contribute to meeting the unprecedented challenge of global warming.

The Platform for Experimental Research led by Catherine Leroi, was created more than 50 years in Lacq to face the new challenges raised by the discovery of the gas field. With 130 people on three sites spread over six hectares, the PERL now focuses on subjects of major importance, in line with the objectives of Total’s climate strategy. This makes it the nerve center of the Total group’s technological research for the environment. 

It is also firmly established in the local environment, and, for this project in particular, has formed a partnership with the M2i Development R&D center located on the technological platform Chemstart’up.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: a major global challenge

Fossil energies are one of the main sources of CO2 emissions. And yet, according to the Sustainable Development scenario of the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydrocarbons should still represent almost half of the primary energy mix in 2040. This means they will continue to play a part in meeting the energy needs of a growing world population. For this reason, international experts are giving high priority to  CCUS, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage.

Total has been strongly committed to developing the CCUS sector for several years now and has mobilized massive resources to become a leader in this technological domain.

The visitors invited to the inauguration discovered the cutting-edge pilots, already up and running, which showcase the expertise of the women and men who work at the PERL  and their efforts to find key technologies for the future and strengthen the Group’s ambition to become the responsible energy major.


Global objective: climate challenge 2°C target

Total’s contribution:
• 10% of the Total group’s global R&D budget
At the PERL (Lacq):
• 14 pilots
• 20 researchers
• 6 ha of large-scale research infrastructures in an industrial environment

Take a look at the dossier Carbon capture, utilization and storage on Planète energies.