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Our Commitment

Committed to better energy, over 98,000 employees help throughout the world to provide the Group’s customers with products and services that are safer, more affordable, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to the greatest number of people.

Total puts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its activities and conducts its operations according to the following principles of :

  • protecting the safety and security of people and its facilities;
  • limiting its environmental footprint;
  • ensuring that its Code of Conduct is applied in its sphere of operations;
  • incorporating the challenges of sustainable development in the exercise of its activities;
  • increasing its local operations by placing dialogue with its stakeholders at the heart of its policy and contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where the Group has operations with the objective of creating shared value;
  • promoting equal opportunities and fostering diversity and cultural mix among its personnel.

Our Projects

Our Partners

Our commitment to education is growing stronger every day. A clear example of this trend is the partnership between Total Austral and the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA). The initiatives underway are designed to promote technical training in Argentina and encourage students to meet the energy sector's career development challenges.

A commitment to the future

In 2013, a cooperation agreement was signed between Total Professeurs Associés (TPA), Total Austral and ITBA, under which respected experts from Total are teaching courses on specific subjects at this university. In addition, in 2013, ITBA launched a double degree agreement between its Oil and Natural Gas Production program and the Resevoir Geoscience and Engineering program at the IFP School in France. Under the agreement, ITBA students who opt to take the double degree will spend two semesters at the IFP School.


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Health breakthroughs

Total Austral, in conjunction with the Foundation Center for Infectious Disease Studies (FUNCEI, for its Spanish acronym) chaired by Dr. Daniel Stamboulian, has been supporting initiatives aimed at public health improvement for several years.

Hospital-acquired infection monitoring in Tierra del Fuego

Total Austral and FUNCEI signed a cooperation agreement to implement a program to improve hospital-acquired disease management, surveillance and control, as well as to enhance laboratory, sterilization and cleaning services at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in Tierra del Fuego by providing assistance to create an Infection Control Committee and conveying knowledge to local healthcare professionals. 

Institutional stakeholders involved in the program are Rio Grande Regional Hospital, the Tierra del Fuego Department of Health and Rio Grande Municipality. This program was declared to be of provincial interest by the Tierra del Fuego Department of Health. 

Direct beneficiaries of the program amount to 900 people (Hospital healthcare professionals and Tierra del Fuego physicians attending the seminars open to the community that form part of the program), whereas indirect beneficiaries are over 70,000 people (Rio Grande and Tolhuin population that is treated in Rio Grande Regional Hospital, which is the nearest highly specialized health care facility)

Main results

  1. Strengthening of the operation of the Hospital Infection Control Committee.
  2. Reinforcement of the professional team of the Committee with the recruitment of a pediatric infectious disease specialist and an infection control nurse.
  3. Definition and implementation of indicators to ensure proper epidemiological surveillance of hospital-acquired infections. 
  4. Remarkable reduction of infections after cesarean section. 
  5. Optimization of the rational use of antibiotics in hospitalized patients.

By optimizing hospital care, the quality of life of the whole community is improved and the length of hospital stay is reduced, thus preventing complications that would lead to longer hospital stays and higher mortality, morbidity and health care costs. 

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A combined commitment

An innovative approach to ecological restoration is being effectively deployed thanks to the joint contribution of stakeholders from 1) the academic world, represented by a multidisciplinary team from the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, which is transferring the knowledge needed to take the project forward and conduct research in this area; 2) the local community, which is gaining employment opportunities in places requiring greater economic diversity; and 3) Total Austral, which has a stake in both environmental protection and capacity building for local businesses.

The project

One result of the ecological restoration project run jointly by the three participants was the development of a nursery for plants native to Añelo and San Roque in the Neuquén region of Argentina. Many of these plants are periodically used for ecological restoration projects. The project also includes an ongoing series of presentations to conferences and the publication of related papers by the Universidad Nacional del Comahue.

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Grupo PSA and Total extended their association agreements for five more years (2017-2021).
Total thus renews its agreement as a reference partner of the brands Peugeot (since 1995), Citroën (since 1968) and DS (since its creation in 2015). This agreement contains provisions related to research and development, product supply for the first filling, the exclusive after sale recommendation of the three brands and sports sponsorships with Peugeot Sport, Citroën Racing and DS Performance.
Under this agreement, Total lubricants are recommended and made available to customers at Peugeot, Citroën y DS stores. In addition, Total will remain the technical and sports reference partner of PSA Motorsport for the next challenges to be faced by multi-award-winning DS TECHEETAH in Formula E, together with Citroën in WRC and Peugeot Sport in WRX.
Once again, Grupo PSA and Total confirm their shared values: performance, expertise, quality, innovation and a sense of service.

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Leading youths to autonomy, education and employment is one of Total Austral priorities in the area of social responsibility.

In such line, we have been committed since 2004 to improving the future of children together with Fundación Leer, an Argentine non-profit organization which seeks to transform the lives of millions of children by fostering reading and writing skills as a tool for their growth and personal development and full insertion in society.

We continue growing together

In 2017, Total Austral entered into an agreement with Fundación Leer to join in the “Leer 20-20” challenge in primary schools in Añelo, province of Neuquén, and in Río Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego. In its first year of implementation, about 900 children joined the program which is intended to promote book reading in children as an initial step in their way to knowledge.

Total Austral and Fundación Leer are thus committed to promoting joint work between companies and educational institutions with a view to generating more reading spaces leading to an early literacy process.

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Total Austral, the French Institute of  Argentina, The French Embassy in Argentina and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina work jointly to promote innovation and to spread knowhow and technology transfer processes between Argentina and France.

Thus, the interaction among these institutions strengthens the scientific relation between Argentina and France in areas considered a priority for both and, at the same time, strengthens the relation between research centers and Argentine and French universities.

A Sustainable Commitment

The French-Argentine Innovation Award is annually given at a contest held as part of the French-Argentine scientific and technologic cooperation program aimed at recognizing and rewarding innovating initiatives which promote cooperation between France and Argentina.


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To achieve greater inclusion is a long term challenge that requires the continued efforts and alignment of various key players to become a fact.

TECHO and Total Austral work together to build a more integrated community where the possibility of development is within reach of everyone.

Responsibility and accessibility at the service of the community

TECHO is a NGO that works actively in more than 19 countries to help overcome poverty through different programs promoting community development. One of them is building houses together with low income families that will live in them. Total Austral through the Awango by Total Program offers photovoltaic sun solutions to ensure access to energy to remote communities away from conventional electric energy distribution networks.

Inspiring bonds

Total Austral and TECHO entered into an agreement for the installation of AWANGO solar kits in houses and in a community building to be built as part of the “Una ciudad para todos” program in the province of Neuquén during 2018.
The challenge is double-fold: to ensure access to decent housing and to satisfy the energy needs of the most vulnerable communities ensuring access to energy.

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Sharing Information

The Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas (IAPG) is a leading source of technical information in the energy industry in general, and the oil and gas industry in particular. Total Austral formed a strategic alliance with IAPG to make key technical information concerning the exploration and production of unconventional resources more readily available to the wider community.

In Action

Since the beginning of its activities in 2014, the Task Force for the Communication of the Non-Conventional Resources has carried out more than 180 presentations with more than 10.000 attendees (civil society, NGO, journalists, governments, unions, religious institutions, universities, etc).
The materials distributed included The ABC's of Oil and Gas in Unconventional Reservoirs (4 editions), a short publication on shale gas, shale oil and tight gas. It is designed to offer sound, authoritative information in response to the main questions about unconventional resources, while debunking misconceptions. The website was also created, which features a Shale Expert who answers questions about the industry. Several videos explain the main issues related to the exploitation of unconventional resources in a visual way (e.g. video on hydraulic fracturing). The strategy also includes other documents and interviews.

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In 2016, Kia Motors Corporation and Total Lubricants renewed their internationalstrategic agreement for five more years.

Thus, Total will continue being Kia Motors Corporation exclusive lube supplier for Kia vehicles. Kia’s service centers exclusively recommend Total motor oils, which are sold at their more than 5500 dealers spread in 180 countries, including Western European markets.

The renewal of the initial cooperation agreement, which dates back to 2011, offers advantages to all Kia vehicle owners and dealers. Kia centers have access to TOTAL QUARTZ high performance motor oils, specifically developed to optimize Kia engines’ performance and reliability, as well as to allow for fuel savings. In addition, Kia and Total will implement joint marketing service programs intended to increase the profitability of Kia dealers as well as customer retention and satisfaction.
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In 2018, TOTAL and Chery  entered into an agreement for a strategic alliance whereby Total becomes the recommended partner and official oil supplier of the official dealer network, Chery.

This association includes not only the supply of motor oils but also technical and commercial cooperation throughout the country-wide after sale Chery network.

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HINO, the Japanese Company that markets the Toyota Group light trucks, chose Total as its strategic partner and exclusive recommended lube brand in Argentina. This choice was based mainly on Total’s commitment to customer satisfaction, product quality and after sale service at local and international level. 

Total’s oils are especially developed to meet the latest technological innovations in vehicles, offering improved performance, optimum component protection and a longer useful life, optimizing their operation and protecting the environment. 

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